Mumford & Sons Releasing Babel on 25 September

Expect Babel, Mumford & Sons’ second album, to hit shelves September 25. The record has been eagerly awaited by fans after their first album, Sigh No More, garnered critical acclaim and sold over 2.3 million copies. The British folk-rock group are proud of their latest compilation, saying:

“As a band, we’ve never been closer or more collaborative, all working to our strengths, and so we feel that this record is a natural progression that we’re proud of, and we cannot wait to take it out on the road.”

Check out the track list below:

1. Babel

2. Whispers In The Dark

3. I Will Wait

4. Holland Road

5. Ghosts That We Knew

6. Lover Of The Light

7. Lovers’ Eyes

8. Reminder

9. Hopeless Wanderer

10. Broken Crown

11. Below My Feet

12. Not With Haste

Suite listening.


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