London 2012 Olympic Games Soundtrack

Olympic fever is starting to spread, but let’s not forget the music – drugs are illegal, but athletes can still use music to get pumped.

According to Music Weekthe soundtracks for one of sports’ most prestigious events will be digitally released immediately after the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012 on iTunes. The first soundtrack is titled Isles of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, and will include all the music from the opening ceremony. “Isles of Wonder” is a reference to the “Isles of Wonder” speech in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which is cited as an inspiration behind the ceremony (pretty apt for a British-hosted event).

The second record will be released once the closing ceremony has ended. The album will be a compilation of all the tracks played during the closing ceremony and is named A Symphony of British Music: Music for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The theme song for the event is  “Survival” by Muse. The opening ceremony is said to include acts such as the Arctic Monkeys and Paul McCartney, while George Michael and the Spice Girls are said to be performing at the closing ceremony (if you’re a fan of “Wannabe” you might want to tune in for the performance).

Suite listening.


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