Video: Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow”

A friend recently sent me a link to a Youtube video and I loved it so much I decided to post it to the blog.

“Lovely Bloodflow” is a song composed and performed by Baths – an American electronica musician ( real name: Will Wiesenfeld). The song was released off Baths’ first album, Cerulean, which he recorded over a period of two months in his bedroom in 2010. The record went on to be named on Pitchfork’s “Honorable Mention” list for “Album of the Year 2010”. Baths’ music is characterized by his unique falsetto and surprising use of instrumentals (ripping velcro, shuffling papers, and other everyday trinkets).

These days many artists and directors create music videos that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual tracks (cue Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”, or Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”). The video for “Lovely Bloodflow” syncs perfectly with the song as the images on your screen are a cinematic representation of the instrumentals of the track. Listen to the song and you’ll hear rustling leaves. The sound cinematography continues through the gentle hush of fingers brushing through hair, and the cracking noise of crushed twigs under footsteps. Of course, the music video is silent, as the song creates the nature we hear. The perfect symbiosis.

If everything I said sounds like complete nonsense, then watch the video because there’s a samurai in it. And the setting is so beautiful it’s seemingly fantastical. Who can resist a samurai in a fantasy forest?

Suite listening.


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