Snoop Dogg Changes Name to Snoop Lion and Begins Reggae Career

Snoop Dogg is no longer a rapper. Mourn the loss of one of Hip-Hop’s greats and welcome Snoop Lion – the new Bob Marley.

If you thought the “lil” revolution was bad (Lil Wayne, Lil Mama, Lil Flip, Lil Jon, etc), then you should get ready for the amount of facepalming that will follow.

The rapper who has crafted a career of character, longevity and gangsta rap has turned his attention to Reggae. According to MTV, Snoop claims that he has shed his Doggfather days and embraced a no guns, no violence policy. His rebirth as a peaceful student of Rastafarian culture has resulted in the emergence of Snoop Lion whose album, Reincarnation, will be released at an as yet undisclosed date.

MTV states that Dr. Dre was “baffled” by the transformation. Don’t worry Dre, we feel the same. Personally, I feel like this is a last ditch attempt on Snoop’s part to gain some attention and push himself to the zenith of music popularity as he was in his prime. It’s no secret that the rapper has had some recent failings and mishaps in his career, but hopefully this next chapter won’t diminish his legacy and history in the Hip Hop world.

Check out Snoop Lion’s first single “La La La”:

Suite listening.



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