Video Throwback: Sporty Thieves – “No Pigeons”

Remember TLC’s classic “No Scrubs”? It was a track that made women stand up and give their deadbeat boyfriends something to think about.

Well, a while ago Sporty Thieves (a Hip-Hop crew that once stood proudly under the Ruff Ryders’ banner) hit back with a response that settles the score. The video is a spoof of TLC’s original, with a more playful and hilarious twist. If you’re a guy who had a girl say “I don’t want no scrub, oh yes boy I’m talking to you”, then you might want to sit her down and put her on blast with “No Pigeons”.

The video may be old, but if you haven’t watched it, it’ll get you laughing. Plus it has the added bonus of an appearance by Eve.

In case you haven’t seen the TLC “No Scrubs” original, or you don’t remember it, here it is:

Suite listening.


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