New Music: Aaliyah ft. Drake – “Enough Said”

Wow, it feels magnificent to hear Aaliyah’s voice again. One of RnB’s most celebrated artists has been gone for 11 years, but we still haven’t forgotten.

“Enough Said” highlights the singer’s smooth, soft, soulful tones. The production is minimalistic, making Aaliyah’s voice the centerpiece of the track.

The song has been released following an announcement by Drake that he is executively producing Aaliyah’s posthumous album. The rapper has always been a fan of the singer, even getting tattoos in her remembrance.

However, Timbaland has reacted to Drake’s plans saying, “I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and Missy [Elliot]”.

Both Timbo and Missy have had a long history with the singer – most of Aaliyah’s catalogue was produced by Timbaland and she shared a close friendship and working relationship with Missy Elliot.

Whatever happens, let’s hope those involved make a great record and continue Aaliyah’s spectacular legacy.

Suite listening.


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