Say Hello to Lu-Fuki

(Credit: Lu-Fuki website)

Have you listened to Lu-Fuki yet? If not, go to the band’s website and listen to some tracks.

I like to describe them as somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Al Green. It might sound like a weird mix, but they’re utterly fantastic. The South African band came together in 2011 and are currently based in Grahamstown – just outside Cape Town. The group consists of Bassface Vee on bass, Sandi Silly spilling the vocals, Slambo Steve hammering at the drums, and Fu-Luki strumming out guitars. In a short amount of time Lu-Fuki has done a lot, from numerous gigs at Grahamstown hotspots and festivals to tours around Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

The band name is unusual as it derives from certain cultures in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lu-Fuki translated means “bad body odour”, which became the title of their successful debut EP in 2011. Their aim is to “stink up your ears”, and they certainly get the funk going with the soulful rich Blues tones of Sandi Silly, and the banging rush of rock instrumentals from the rest of the team.

In short, they are awesome. Lu-Fuki manage to artfully align their rhythmic Blues against a crush of rock frenzy, allowing you to relax before the storm washes over. The Funk/Alternative group is a great addition to South Africa’s music scene and they’re sure to gain lots of fans in years to come.

Go onto their Facebook page or their website to learn more. Below is a track called “Moonbeam” which showcases the Jimi Hendrix-like rock production and Sandi Silly’s smooth Al Greenesque voice. You can listen to more of their tunes here.

Suite listening.


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